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Although the Popham Law Firm is located right across the Missouri River from Clay County, we consider the entire county as much as our home as Jackson County. Armed with years of experience as Clay County personal injury attorneys, we at the Popham Law Firm have represented hundreds of clients in Clay County courts for a variety of cases, including auto accidents, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, wrongful termination and employment discrimination, products liability, and many other practice areas.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of others, Popham Law wants to help. Not only can we help you receive medical payments, lost income, property loss, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more, but we understand that a successful personal injury claim protects Clay County citizens from the negligence of others in the future. If you need Clay County’s top law firm, feel free to visit our Kansas City offices on 712 Broadway, Suite 100, or you can give us a call at (800) 578-2288.

Clay County Circuit Court

For most personal injury claims, the journey begins at the Clay County Circuit Courts. Part of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri, the circuit court is located in Liberty, Missouri, at 11 South Water Street. People from all over the county head to the Clay County Courthouse in Liberty for dispute intervention, justice to victims, or settlements for family matters. Because Popham Law works extensively in this courthouse, we boast a home field advantage that allows us to navigate personal injury law swiftly and effectively.

The Clay County Courthouse is open Weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Civil Department at the Courthouse is located within the courthouse, as well as the Probate Department. You can find public parking between South Leonard Street and Missouri Street, but keep in mind that parking on some streets is for an hour only and strictly enforced by the City.

Clay County Municipal Courts

Although the Municipal Courts in Clay County mostly focus on city ordinance violations, some clients have found themselves at these courts for small claims matters as well as building code and nuisance violations (such as insufficient property management) and Animal health and public safety violations (no animal license, animal attacks, etc.). Furthermore, if the opposing party was issued a citation for their actions, which caused you injury, the records of the police citation might be kept at the Municipal Court. A citation is a major piece of evidence pointing to the opposing party’s negligence.

The contact information and locations of the various Jackson County Municipal Courts are detailed below.

Avondale Municipal Court

Calycomo Municipal Court

Excelsior Springs Municipal Court

Gladstone Municipal Court

Holt Municipal Court

Kearney Municipal Court

Liberty Municipal Court

Mosby Municipal Court

North Kansas City Municipal Court

Oakview Municipal Court

Pleasant Valley Municipal Court

Randolph Municipal Court

Smithville Municipal Court

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

For those needing to appeal a decision, appellate cases are held at the Missouri Court of Appeals, and for Clay County citizens, the appellate court is part of the Western District.

The Court of Appeals is located at the Court of Appeals Courthouse on 1300 Oak Street in Kansas City.

Very few personal injury cases make it to the Supreme Court, but it does happen. As such, the Missouri Supreme Court hears and decides on some of the most important legal issues affecting Clay County citizens. The Supreme Court is located at 207 West High Street in Jefferson City, Missouri. You can reach the court by dialing (573) 751-4144.

Personal Injury Claims Against Missouri Government

If you have an injury claim against the government, including workers’ compensation for state employees, your case will involve a different set of rules compared with standard personal injury cases. In Missouri, all personal injury claims against the government must be filed at the Office of Administration’s Risk Management Division, located in Jefferson City. Carla Ahrens is the current Risk Manager, contactable at (573) 751-4044 or by email at

Popham Law – Leading Personal Injury Attorneys in Clay County

Personal injury cases can be complex affairs, but with the Popham Law on your side, you can expect some of Clay County’s most experienced attorneys relentlessly fighting for the benefits owed to you. Nobody in Clay County should have to suffer because of the negligence of others. If you have a personal injury or workers’ compensation case, contact us today at (800) 578-2288.