We believe law firms exist for the good of the public.

We believe lawyers can be better than the stereotype.

We believe the law is for you, not us.

We believe law can be different.

Kansas City Civil Rights Attorneys

Our purpose

You matter.

Each Popham partner has a different personal story and legal background, but one of the things we have in common is that we all relate to our clients. We’re angered when we see you misled, ignored, or condescended to. And after what you’ve been through, we think the law firm you choose to represent you should be committed to your personal good. Your civil rights or injury settlement is part of that, but so is your sense of dignity throughout the legal process. We think the whole journey should feel like it’s about you—because it is.

Our Promise

We believe the best legal outcomes happen when lawyers commit to clients, not just results. We’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations in every way— from the way we treat you to the size of your settlement.

Are you stuck with the consequences of someone else’s actions?

If you’ve been hurt by a system, a corporation, or by a person working for one, you don’t have to face the future alone. We have been helping people overcome the consequences of negligence, discrimination, wrongful death, injury or abuse since 1918.

Civil Rights Attorney Tom Porto on Kansas City Chiefs’ Ariel Young Settlement

”When you look at those pictures, you wonder how anybody made it out of that car alive. It’s likely that she has permanent brain damage that she’ll endure for the rest of her life. It’s a very sad situation.”

-Tom Porto, Popham Law Firm Partner

Here’s what our clients are saying:

This firm is amazingly talented!  They walk you through the rationale of "why" they are doing what they do...so that their client becomes a participant in bringing justice to their case.


Pat Ervin

VP of Operations, Center for Pharmaceutical Research

Get the settlement you need—and the recognition you deserve.