Can A Lawyer Help After a Motorcycle Accident?

By their very nature, a motorcycle accident can be much more devastating than a car accident. Motorcycles have little to no protection on their own, relying on the rider to protect themselves before starting to start the engine.

Can Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Help After a Motorcycle Accident

If you've been in a motorcycle accident, chances are you have considerable injuries, even with more than adequate safety equipment. Why should you find and work with motorcycle accident lawyers? Here are three reasons why you should.

Handling Your Case While You Heal From Your Injuries

As always, we recommend getting medical attention immediately after your accident, even if you don't believe you're injured. If you are injured, you need to concentrate on your recovery. You shouldn't have to deal with pushy insurance companies and other distractions while you're convalescing.A motorcycle accident lawyer can handle all of this and more, leaving you the space you need to recuperate. Your lawyer can act as a liaison between you and the insurance company, which will also protect you from accidentally saying the wrong thing. Therefore, your lawyer should be the only one who speaks with any insurance company on your behalf.

Gathering Evidence And Information

Filing a claim or a lawsuit requires proof of the accident, as well as the damages. This could include identifying the other parties, acquiring a copy of your police report, compiling photos or videos taken at the scene of the accident, collecting medical records, etc.Another aspect of gathering evidence is interviewing witnesses. If there are any witnesses to the accident, your lawyer may decide to interview them if their testimony would be helpful.This is part of what must happen whether you hire a lawyer or not. But a lawyer will have a much easier time getting this information than you will. A motorcycle accident lawyer understandswhat's needed, and how to find it. That said, he or she will also ask you for anything that's not easily accessible, such as a copy of your insurance policy.

File Your Case Before The End Of The Statute Of Limitations

Missouri Code section 516.120 gives an accident victim five years from the date of the accident to file a claim after a motorcycle (or car) accident. Known as the statute of limitations, it means that if your case is not filed within the prescribed timeframe, you lose the right. 2. File a claim or a lawsuit. This means you will lose the chance to recover. Compensation. For your injuries, from the accident.If you wait too close to the deadline to file, the other side’s insurer will not be as willing to negotiate, since you would lose your leverage.One exception to the statute is not discovering your injuries until sometime after the accident. In that case, you would have five years from the discovery of the injury to file a claim.For the person who has lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, the statute of limitations for the so-called “wrongful death” case is three years from the date of. Your loved one’s death. After the three years pass, there would be no opportunity to recover compensation.Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer will also ensure that your claim will be filed on time as the law prescribes. The lawyer will gather all the evidence before approaching the other party’s insurance company to discuss settlement or filing a lawsuit. You can take care of yourself while the lawyer handles your case.

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