Eligibility For a Product Liability Claim

We buy all kinds of products on a daily basis and assume that they will do the job they’re designed to do as described. Whether it’s a simple thing like an inexpensive coffee pot or a large-ticket item like an appliance or motor vehicle, a malfunctioning product can cause personal injuries ranging from minor to severe, leaving the buyer with medical bills and other expenses.

Eligibility For a Product Liability Claim

The product may be dangerous when used as it was intended due to negligence by the manufacturer or other parties involved in the manufacture or sale of the product. Food may also lead to a possible product liability claim if it leads to food poisoning or other illnesses after consumption by an unsuspecting buyer.

Types Of Product Liability

Even though there are consumer protection laws in place, defective products are still sold every year.There are three basic categories for product liability:• Defects in manufacturing, which can turn a safe product into a hazardous one by deviation from the original design• Defects in design, which render a product dangerous because of a flaw in the design that makes it unsafe• Failure to warn consumers that a product could be dangerous, or dangerous under certain conditions or provide adequate safety warnings to a consumer. This can take the form of a product that heats up enough to cause burns or cause electric shock when used near or in water.


After you suffer a personal injury from a substandard product, it’s possible you may be eligible for a claim against one or more companies involved. However, as the plaintiff, you’ll be required to show that the product in question is inherently dangerous and that your personal injuries are a direct result of using the product.

Defective Liability Law Firm In Kansas City

Defective products of all kinds can leave you with serious injuries. Don’t let an insurance company talk you out of the compensation you need right now. The process to recover damages from a company for defective products is complex, so it’s vital to work with a Kansas City attorney who understands product liability.If you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective product, contact The Popham Law Firm. Call us at (816) 221-2288 today or use our contact form. We’ll schedule an appointment and talk with you about how we can help.

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