Getting Compensated When In An Uber Car Accident

People take Uber rides every day without a problem. But because Uber drivers aren’t professionals but simply everyday drivers, accidents are more likely. The ride offers fast convenience but comes with an additional level or risk.

Getting Compensated When In An Uber Car Accident

So who pays in an Uber car accident?

Layers Of Insurance

Uber and other rideshare drivers aren’t actually employees, but independent contractors licensed by the company to drive passengers under the Uber name. These drivers are using their own personal cars for business, so they have their own car insurance. Many insurance companies now require drivers to purchase a separate policy to cover rideshare activities, so they have either two separate policies or one policy with a separate rideshare clause.Additionally, Uber has its own insurance policy to cover injuries in the event that the Uber driver is at fault. But the fine print for drivers states that as long as you maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on your personal auto insurance, Uber maintains insurance on your behalf that will kick in to provide protection for physical damage.In other words, a driver must have his or her own insurance to protect the vehicle before they will provide insurance during the time one has a passenger.So any compensation may come from Uber, from the driver’s insurance, or from another party that caused the accident.

Filing A Lawsuit

If you were to sue someone for compensation, the person to sue would be the individual at fault, whether the Uber driver or the other party. Unless the driver has the insurance to cover any disparities, determining liability may be a legal nightmare.Since these drivers are independent contractors, you would likely not be able to sue Uber directly. This makes it much more difficult to receive compensation in an accident, and there’s a good chance the driver’s insurance won’t be enough to cover your injuries.Even though Uber has a policy in place to cover passenger injuries while riding, it doesn’t mean they will be happy to cover everything. It may be necessary to find a personal injury attorney to help get compensated after an Uber accident.It’s also a good idea to have your attorney send a letter of preservation to both the driver and to Uber to ensure that all of their data from your accident is preserved.

Get Medical Treatment

As with any car accident, it’s important to get medical treatment right away to treat as well as document your injuries for your claim as well as if you have to file a lawsuit. You may not believe you were injured, but you may not feel pain until the next day. If you don’t, Uber or another insurance company may claim that you were not seriously injured and deny your claim.It’s also important to take pictures of the accident scene as you can and to keep screenshots of information in the Uber app for evidence later.

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A car accident in an Uber or other rideshare vehicle in Kansas City is more complicated than a standard car accident. While Uber does have insurance, they also have attorneys that work hard to keep from paying claims. Don’t let them take away your compensation.Since 1918, The Popham Law Firm has helped hundreds of people in all kinds of accident cases. We’ll be happy to review your Uber car accident case, and how to proceed. Contact us at (844) 243-2288 or (use our online contact form) to get started.

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