How A Car Accident Can Change Your Life

We've previously discussed different aspects of car accidents in this blog. From financial losses, punitive damages, and possible criminal charges to injuries disability and the possible loss of a career, there are many ways that a car accident can change your life.

How a Car Accident can Change your Life

But what most people do not think about are the other ways that a car accident can change or impact your life. As a law firm helping people after an accident, we're primarily focused on the legal aspects of an accident, advising you, and how to win your case. No matter the outcome, being involved in an auto accident can have repercussions that you may not expect.

Getting around

For one thing, your daily routine will, at least temporarily, be changed because of one small factor: you no longer have your personal vehicle to drive. If your car is seriously damaged or is completely totaled, you will need a rental car to continue going to work, school, taking care of your family, and doing the everyday things you need. Generally, insurance companies cover the cost of a rental car while your car is being repaired. If your car is totaled, you may need a rental until you can acquire other transportation or your own car is returned to you. But your rental may take some getting used to so that unfamiliarity can be uncomfortable.

Physical injuries

Depending on the seriousness of your accident, you may be dealing with injuries that will keep you from working, taking care of yourself, and taking care of your family. You may be unable to walk, stand, or move a part of your body. Recovery may last weeks, months, or even years. Arranging for assistance or even accepting help from others is another unexpected task.These injuries often will result in very expensive medical bills that you may not have the resources to cover. Additionally, you may not be able to work while you recover from your injuries. This leads to a loss of income and a potentially difficult financial position.

The Aftermath

Doctor’s appointments. Insurance forms. Estimates. Your daily routine is just not the same.The aftermath of a car accident involves all these things and more while you’re trying to get back to your own life before the car accident. Unfortunately, all these things are time-consuming and may overwhelm you. For this reason alone, you should work with a Kansas City accident attorney to negotiate with the insurance companies, make sure everything is done correctly, and ensure you get the settlement you need to take care of yourself and your family.

Your Credit Score

Let's be clear: Although your insurance rates may increase after an accident, it doesn't have a direct impact on your credit score.But what does impact your credit score is being out of work for convalescence and you may find yourself without an income. Therefore you may not be able to pay your bills on time. Depending on your circumstances, if you are late on bills, those will generally go on your credit report. If you are convalescing for a long time, and don't have an income, this will determine how you end up paying those bills, and which ones to skip. Eventually, late payments will show up on your credit report and ultimately leave an impact on your credit score.

Emotional injuries: Post-Traumatic Stress

While most people associate post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, with military personnel in combat zones, the truth is PTSD can happen to anyone.A car accident, particularly a serious one, is traumatic for anyone who goes through the experience. Understandably, many people are afraid to get behind the wheel of an automobile again, or go near where the accident happened. For those who are injured and face a long convalescence, the trauma after a car accident can make recovery even more difficult. Part of accident recovery may include appointments with a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

Impacts on Relationships

The emotional trauma, financial constraints, and other experiences that come from the car accident can impact your relationships with spouses or partners, children, as well as other relatives and friends. You can't meet your typical responsibilities to those who have depended on you. You may no longer be able to socialize the way you used to. If you are facing disability after the car accident, this can further affect your relationships, particularly if you are no longer able to work. All of this changes how you interact with others and how you view yourself.

Losing a loved one

Whether you were driving, were a passenger, or not involved, losing a loved one in a car accident can also be extremely traumatic. If you have lost someone to a car accident, no matter what the circumstances, you will be busy dealing with their arrangements, taking care of their final affairs, including their estate.You may be more focused on working with a probate attorney to handle their final affairs. But you should also consider speaking with a Kansas City personal injury attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the party responsible for the accident. Your attorney may be able to help you receive compensation that will help provide for your family in the absence of your loved one.

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