Our Approach to Kansas City Car Accident Cases

Car accidents are an unfortunate and frustrating part of life. Every driver knows that as soon as you pull out onto the road, you are putting yourself at risk for an accident. When an accident does happen, it is important to be prepared and understand the process so that you can get the maximum compensation for your injuries and loss.Dealing with the complex legalities of a car accident is best left to an attorney. You may be curious exactly how a Kansas City attorney handles injuries or property damage in cases regarding automobile accidents.At Popham Law, we handle the following components for you:

  • Communicating the other driver’s insurance company
  • Determining the necessary evidence in regards to liability
  • Organizing medical records and bills
  • Working with your healthcare provider to find missing records
  • Working with your doctor to prove damages through the necessary medical information
  • Presenting evidence to prove liability and damages
  • Negotiating with lien holders to potentially reduce the amount
  • Negotiating a settlement both you and the other party can agree upon

Our approach to car accidents is to place our client’s needs first. Our number one priority is to offer an honest appraisal of your car accident with accurate legal information. Through each step in the process, we are there fighting to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Here are some more details regarding how our attorneys approach car accidents in Kansas City.


Many people try to deal with the insurance company on their own to settle a claim, but this may not be the best approach for your situation as many times cases can become complex due to the specific facts. When you are already physically and financially stressed, it is not the best time to be dealing with insurance companies and tracking down medical records. Communicating with the other party’s insurance company and adjuster is just one of the ways an attorney can help during this difficult time.Kansas is a “no-fault” state so an individual’s insurance company often covers the costs of the accident which means there is no reason to pursue legal action. But if the damages exceed the “no-fault” insurance coverage, legal action may be required to cover the remaining costs. Experienced car accident attorneys know how to approach and organize cases so that you will receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.


We will help to obtain all the necessary evidence you need to prove liability. Many people initially take photos of the accident and while this is a good practice, your attorney will go back to physically see the scene to better understand the overall situation. Proving fault in a car accident means collecting all of the accident reports, speaking with the investigating police, and interviewing witnesses. All of this will be handled and organized succinctly by our attorneys.


It is imperative to obtain all documentation related to your case including all records connected to your injury. An attorney is essential for handling all of the needed communication for getting your records because while the records are technically yours, they can be quite tricky to track down. While you have a right to all of your medical records, often health care providers shuffle these requests to the back as they are not pertinent to their overall function or they may totally disregard your request if you do not follow the procedures correctly.Even when health care providers comply in a timely fashion with your request, the information provided may be incomplete. If for some reason your doctor did not mention causation or the extent of the injury in your medical records, an attorney will ask for a letter regarding their opinion as to the root cause of the injury or disability in order to prove causation. A lawyer knows how to follow the correct procedure for medical records and continues requesting the documents so that you are able to get all of your records and bills in a reasonable amount of time.In Kansas, you are unable to sue the other driver unless you meet an injury threshold. If you do not meet the threshold, under the Kansas no-fault system of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) the victim is limited to receiving $4,500 in medical expenses and approximately $10,000 for disability or loss of income. To sue for the full amount of damages you must meet certain requirements under the law which your attorney will assess.


A lien is a legal right to reimbursement. If you received benefits from an insurer of any kind, that insurer will have a lien on your claim. This means that the lien holder will be reimbursed from any judgment or settlement before you. In order to place a lien in Missouri, an eligible lienholder must provide written notification. The name(s) of the injured party, date of the incident, and name(s) of those alleged to be responsible for the accident must all be in the written notification. It must then be sent certified mail to all of the parties responsible for reimbursement which include the injured person, the person who potentially caused the accident, and insurance companies. Attorneys work hard to reduce those lien amounts so that more money ends up in your pocket.


Negotiating a settlement is hard work and requires a very specific set of skills. The personal injury attorneys at Popham Law extensive knowledge in how to conduct negotiations and will do everything in their power to get you the largest possible settlement. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory agreement during negotiations, a personal injury claim will be filed with the Missouri civil courts on your behalf.Car accidents are an emotional time and it is helpful to have someone on your side. Most people incorrectly assume that in a car accident, all you have to do is file a claim with the insurance company and everything else will fall into place. Sadly, many times it just isn’t that easy as there can be property damage, medical bills, or the loss of a loved one.


At Popham Law, we are here to help you during these unexpected and trying times. We are familiar with Kansas City car accident cases and will help you through the entire process. Our attorneys put your needs first by providing you with the personal care and attention you deserve. Our years of experience in car accident cases will help you get the compensation you deserve. For questions regarding your car accident case and how Popham Law Firm can help you, contact us on our website or call us at (844)243-2288.

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