Kansas City Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian taking a walk on a nice day is something many people enjoy in Kansas City. Whether you walk for enjoyment, to and from public transportation, or as a primary form of transport, you expect that drivers will respect your personal space. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and the pedestrian usually loses.

Kansas City Pedestrian Accidents

The CDC reports that a pedestrian is killed in a car crash about every 88 minutes in the US. That’s nearly 6,000 deaths and over 137,000 injuries in a year’s time. Recent incidents in Kansas City include a pedestrian who suffered critical injuries after being hit near Arrowhead Stadium in November of 2021. Less than six weeks prior, another pedestrian was involved in a hit-and-run accident that saw the man hit twice. About the same time, a 61-year-old Kansas City woman was hit at the intersection of 81st and Troost.Two studies from Missouri Livable Streets show that elderly pedestrians, pedestrians in low-income areas, and people of color were more likely to be the victim of an accident with a vehicle than in other areas. Because a pedestrian has no protection like a car, catastrophic injuries and death are more likely.When a driver hits a pedestrian, their insurance company may do everything they can to avoid paying the claim, even though you have injuries that require expensive medical care. A pedestrian accident attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries and losses.

How Pedestrian Accidents Happen

It could be a misstep off a curb or a driver who didn’t see them coming. Pedestrian accidents are caused by many of the same reasons as a car accident:• A driver failing to yield or ignore signals or traffic signage• Driving under the influence (alcohol, drugs, etc.)• Driving distracted (cellphone, texting, etc.)• Speeding• Turning right and not paying attention to pedestrians or other obstaclesEven properly designated crosswalks and intersections aren’t completely safe. Situational awareness is vital for pedestrians in Kansas City.Because pedestrian injuries are generally more severe, recovery can be long-term and expensive. In addition to medical costs, lost wages and other expenses can leave you financially strapped for some time.

Can A Pedestrian Be Held Responsible?

Insurance companies are quick to deny that their client is responsible for an accident and will quickly blame the pedestrian. In most cases, the pedestrian isn’t responsible, but it does happen.Missouri law includes comparative fault for personal injury accidents. This means that if the pedestrian is partly responsible for the accident, he or she will see their settlement reduced by the percentage of assigned fault.However, if a pedestrian is found to be at fault, they will not likely collect any damages. Conversely, a driver may be unable to collect damages from the pedestrian. In that case, the driver is better off filing a claim with their own insurance company.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys In KC

After an accident, your priority should be getting the immediate medical care you need as quickly as possible. Not all injuries are immediately evident and left untreated can become worse and even life-threatening. Once your physical condition is established and treatment begins, your next step is to find a pedestrian accident attorney who will protect your interests and be your advocate.Since 1918, The Popham Law Firm has been representing people just like you in all types of personal injury cases, including pedestrian accidents. We’ll be happy to review your case, let you know if you have one, and how to proceed. Call us at (844) 243-2288 or use our online contact form to get started.

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