Missouri Bicycle Helmets Laws

During the spring and summer months, many people dust off their bicycles for a ride. Some ride for enjoyment, others regularly ride for their commute to work. An important component of riding is a safety-certified bicycle helmet.

Missouri Has No State Bicycle Helmet Law

It is legal for anyone to ride a bicycle in Missouri without a helmet. Unlike motorcycles, Missouri has no bicycle helmet laws, but some municipalities do, such as St. Louis. The local laws include age restrictions, such as required helmets for riders under 17. Even in areas with helmet laws, many people skip the helmet because the fines are minor.

Because a bicycle is still vehicular traffic, the rider cannot ride on the sidewalk, must yield to pedestrians, and follow the same laws as other vehicles. (Riding slower than the speed limit is permitted.) Accidents typically occur at intersections. Riders should follow all traffic laws in Missouri for their own safety as well as to avoid having an accident with a car. Missouri’s Department of Transportation offers bicycle safety information. A helmet may be the difference between injuries and a fatality.

But what if you have done everything you can do be safe, but are still injured while bicycling? You have no control over a negligent driver who may be distracted or driving too fast. If a car doesn't stop at an intersection and hits another car, that can be bad. If they hit a bicyclist, that can be devastating!

Another Reason To Wear A Helmet

Safety is just one reason to wear a helmet anytime you ride. An accident between a bicyclist and a car usually ends badly for the cyclist. Injuries such as broken bones,  soft tissue injuries, and severe head injuries (traumatic brain injury -TBI) can mean expensive and long-term medical treatment, even permanent disability.

But here is another reason to wear a helmet. After an accident, when you go to make a claim, the absence of a helmet can lead to additional difficulties with your claim. The insurance company will use the lack of a helmet to challenge your claim no matter how your accident occurred. They will argue you could have chosen to wear an important piece of safety equipment but didn’t.

Missouri personal injury laws include the comparative fault system. Not wearing a helmet can be considered “contributory negligence,” meaning that you were partially responsible for your injuries. If you go to trial, it also may be seen as reckless by the jury who is deciding your settlement.

Insurance companies work hard to discredit your claim and convince you to accept less than your claim is worth. If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident, we strongly recommend you discuss the case with one of our experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers.

Bicycle Accident In KC? Let Popham Law Firm Help

We recommend wearing a helmet every time you ride your bicycle because it can protect you from catastrophic and traumatic brain injuries in an accident.

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