I was in a car accident as a passenger. Should I get a Kansas City car accident lawyer?

Passengers in any vehicle are more likely to be injured than the driver, especially in cases where there is more than one passenger in the car or the car is a passenger vehicle designed to hold more people. The highest rates of fatalities come from these cars, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. They found that the driver is not the only person at risk in the car, especially when younger people drive.If you or someone you love were harmed or even killed in an accident, who pays? That depends on quite a few things. Let’s break it down:Passengers do not need to worry about another injured person, that is the first thing to know. However, they do need to worry about their own damages and injuries. The first step is to file a demand letter that explains your injuries that stem from the car accident. Kansas City law follows pure comparative negligence, meaning that all parties recover, but they only pay a certain percentage of the damages. This percentage comes from how much they were at fault for the accident. Since passengers typically aren’t at fault, it is likely that they will be rewarded full compensation.Typically, the passenger would file a claim with the auto insurance of the driver of the vehicle he or she was in during the accident. If the passenger has his or her own insurance, it is possible that a claim may be filed there as well.There are a few different things that a passenger should consider going into a case. The first is joint liability. Even though you may not have to worry about someone filing a claim against you, you do need to worry about the people who are liable for the accident and understand the percentages that come along with liability. This may give you pause, especially when you consider your relationship with the driver of your car. You cannot legally file a claim if you are attached to the driver in certain ways and the driver was found to be the cause of the accident. The driver may not be able to legally file a claim against him or herself.Essentially, if one driver is found to be 100% at fault for the accident, you will easily make your decision and so will the insurance companies and the courts. However, you may have a lot more paperwork and confusion if both drivers have been found to be at fault for the accident. In those cases, having a Kansas City car accident lawyer by your side is a good idea.A good Kansas City car accident lawyer will help you to prove your damages and go after the amount of compensation that you need, including from economic and non-economic damages. For your own insurance company, you may only receive help with your medical bills.So, what does that mean for a passenger in a car accident in Kansas City? It means that, at worst, you will receive the amount of your medical bills. At best, you may receive compensation for your time, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

Do I Need to Call a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer?

If you or someone you love were a passenger in an accident in Kansas City, you have rights. It is difficult and can be time consuming, but you are subject to compensation. To get what you deserve, hiring a car accident lawyer is the best first step to take. All cases vary, but typically an attorney can help you and move everything along much more quickly.In order to learn your rights and see what you may be eligible to receive, contact a Kansas City car accident lawyer today. At Popham Law Firm, we are equipped to handle car accident cases of any size and scope. Our lawyers will work with you to fight aggressively for what you deserve. Contact us right away at (816) 221-2288.

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