Pregnancy Slip And Fall Accidents In Kansas City

A slip and fall accident at any time can be extremely dangerous and leave you with debilitating injuries. During pregnancy, those injuries can be even more dangerous, because they can directly affect the unborn baby.

Pregnancy Slip And Fall Accidents In Kansas City

Women are more prone to falls during pregnancy because of the weight gain and the shifting of the center of gravity, especially during the later months. Soft joint tissue begins to relax, making movement more difficult and dangerous. Changes in the inner ear also affect a woman’s balance, exacerbating an already precarious situation.Hazardous conditions that make walking difficult for an average person can cause serious problems for a pregnant woman already dealing with balance and movement issues. A slip and fall during pregnancy due to unsafe conditions increases the likelihood of injuries to both the mother and the baby, as well as additional risks for miscarriage.

Premises Liability

We’ve discussed premises liability in prior blogs, and the concept is the same. Managers, owners, and employees are responsible for keeping a facility safe and clean for all who visit, including vendors and customers. Any one of these individuals who fail to maintain a clean, safe place commits negligence, and that negligence can be the reason for a pregnant woman’s slip and fall accident.Ignoring the safety of the public and failing to use remedial action to correct it is usually considered negligence. Conditions such as:

  • Footpath obstacles, such as boxes, displays, or other items strewn on the floor
  • Damaged floors, including torn carpet, uneven floors or cracked concrete
  • Slick and/or wet floors
  • Broken stairs and/or missing handrails

Conditions that are dangerous to the public should be immediately addressed to prevent injury to visitors.

Additional Considerations For Pregnancy

Although falls are not uncommon in pregnant women, they are less damaging in the first trimester. Because of the low position of the uterus in the mother’s pelvic bone area, the baby is protected at this stage, although other injuries are possible.The uterus expands as the baby grows, shifting the woman’s center of gravity to the front. Balance and walking become more difficult, increasing the chances of falling.Although the mother’s body develops defenses to protect the baby from injuries, she can suffer other injuries from the difficulty in movement, such as:

  • Placental abruption—the placenta separates from the abdominal wall after a fall or other injury. This can lead to bleeding, disturb and distress the unborn baby, cause preterm labor, and the risk of death to the mother
  • Other internal bleeding from serious injuries to the uterus and/or stomach that can lead to internal organ damage
  • Preterm labor as a result of the accident. This could lead to a baby being born before it’s able to survive outside the womb. Fetal death can result.

The Mayo Clinic suggests immediately seeing your doctor if you suffer a fall, especially in the second and third trimester.

Proof Of Negligence

As with any slip and fall accident, it’s important to do as much as you can right away to preserve evidence and prove your case. Take pictures with your cell phone, get names and contact info, begin documenting your case, and of course, see your doctor and get copies of your medical records.As with any pregnancy slip and fall accident, it will be up to you to prove negligence by the other party. You’ll be required to prove that their negligence led to the accident that caused your injuries. For pregnancy-related injuries, such as preterm labor or fetal death, you’ll also need direct medical evidence showing the link between your accident and injuries and/or loss.Naturally, the other party’s insurer will work to deny your claim as you work to prove it. They may deny your claim outright, refuse to settle the case, or offer you a small amount of money to cover your injuries and loss. This is where an experienced Kansas City slip and fall accident lawyer can help you.

Let KC’s Popham Law Help With Your Pregnancy Slip And Fall Accident

Experiencing a pregnancy slip and fall accidents can be more damaging than bruises and broken bones. A fall can directly impact both the mother and unborn baby that results in more serious injuries, and in some cases, death. If you or your baby suffered a slip and fall during pregnancy, you should speak with a Kansas City pregnancy accident attorney immediately.Slips and falls and other accidents in places like these can leave an individual with serious and potentially disabling injuries. If you’ve been hurt on another’s property as a result of negligence, contact The Popham Law Firm. Call us at (816) 221-2288 today or use our contact form. We’ll schedule an appointment and talk with you about how we can help.

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