Slip And Fall Injury Awards In The Kansas City Area

One of the most common questions asked of a personal injury attorney is, “how much money will I get from this case?”Unfortunately, there isn’t a set formula for determining how much an individual case is worth it. Even though many cases may look the same, there are always small differences that determine the severity and conditions of the case.

Slip And Fall Injury Awards In The Kansas City Area

In order to find the value of your case, your attorney needs facts and information that give a complete picture of exactly what happened. Additionally, it will also depend on what an insurance company and possibly a potential jury thinks the accident is worth before a settlement can be determined.


Liability depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The property owner
  • The owner’s duty of care to you (Were you a patron? Were you trespassing?)
  • What dangerous conditions may have existed on the property
  • If the owner, manager, or another representative:
  • Created the hazardous condition
  • Knew it existed but failed to take corrective action
  • If condition existed long enough for someone to notice or should have noticed, but nobody ever did

Additionally, the condition would be foreseeable, that is, an ordinary person would recognize the possibility of an injury from the property in its condition.

Individual KC Slip And Fall Settlement Awards

Two notable Kansas City cases with injuries led to six-figure settlements for the injured parties.

  • Last year, plaintiff Marsha Patzwald was awarded a settlement of $100,000. She suffered severe injuries after falling on a city sidewalk that was in bad condition and not maintained. She was walking on the sidewalk near the Embassy Suites at 43rd Street and Broadway Boulevard in June 2018. She encountered a part of the sidewalk that was "raised, uneven and dangerous,” causing her to suffer severe injuries on her left side.
  • A previous slip and fall injury that occurred in a restaurant in 2014 saw the plaintiff receive an award of $187,500 in 2017. After a snowstorm, the water remained in the front of the restaurant where the plaintiff slipped and broke her kneecap into four parts. She was assisted by patrons who noticed that there were no warning signs or other safety features on the wet floor such as a barricade. Multiple witnesses assisted the woman and gave witness statements. (Under the terms of the agreement, all of the parties’ names are confidential.)
  • Ford v. Pete’s Auto Service, Inc.—the plaintiff fell in a parking lot where the defendant failed to clear it of snow and ice. The plaintiff suffered a broken ankle in the fall and required surgery to repair the injury.

These individual cases are unique and are not necessarily indicative of the damages you could recover from your own case. Only an experienced Kansas City slip and fall attorney can give you an idea of what you might be able to recover.

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