Social Media Tips For Victims of Car Accidents

Social media investigation is a quickly growing aspect of personal injury cases, and when filing a lawsuit for a car accident that occurred in Kansas City or Missouri, the defense attorney or an insurance adjuster may conduct an investigation of Facebook or other social media. As such, following a car accident that left you injured, you may want to refrain from using Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels to discuss your accident, your injuries, and so on. Unfortunately, if the courts uncover some information regarding the accident or the injuries, it could use this information against you.

On the other hand, there are some things that you can do to decrease the possibility of adverse action caused by your social media account. Nevertheless, one of the best tools for your personal injury lawsuit is an experienced (and tech savvy) Kansas City car accident attorney. At Popham Law, we’ll guide you through the entire car accident lawsuit, and we’ll provide thorough advice to make sure that you increase your likelihood of success as much as possible. If you were injured in a car accident and want to seek compensation for the injuries you incurred, call our accident attorneys at our Kansas City law office ASAP by dialing (816) 221-2288. Free consultations are available.In the meantime, make sure to look over our 5 social media tips for victims of car accident victims below.

Secure your social media accounts with your privacy settings

Your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, are constantly updating their privacy settings to protect their users. To keep defense attorneys, insurance adjusters, nosy lawyers, and other individuals from investigating your social media accounts (and to keep them from finding information that can be used against you), make sure to check your settings and ensure that only “friends” or selected individuals can see your profiles, posts, photos, videos, and so on.

Look over your photos and be cautious of new photos

If you were in a car accident and are seeking compensation, the courts, the insurance company, and other lawyers will want to double check your injuries to make sure that you are actually injured. As such, look over your photos and be cautious about any new photos that may show otherwise. This is especially true if you are seeking pain and suffering compensation. For instance, a defense lawyer may show a photo of you having fun with friends and argue that you aren’t experiencing substantial pain and suffering. To keep friends from tagging you, consider getting notifications so that you know when you’ve been tagged in a photo.

Look over your updates and be cautious of new updates

Similar to the tip for photos, you should look over all of your online profiles and check out any posts, updates, and other information. Simple things, such as smiley emojis and other posts can have dramatically negative effects for your case.

Know who can see your online activity when posting

Before you post any information on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or another social media platform, always ask yourself, “Who will be able to see my post?” If there is even a tiny possibility that someone could use your post against you, it’s a good idea to not post that content.

Check yourself out on Google

Even if you’re the most careful person on social media, it’s a good idea to take some time and search for yourself on Google. Consider doing an image search, or any other type of search, to see what comes up. If there’s a small possibility that some content on Google could be used against you, make sure to do your best and get that information removed immediately.

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With decades of experience representing clients in their personal injury cases, we've experienced it all, and there is nothing more disappointing than a client who sabotages his/her multi-million dollar car accident lawsuit with a wrongly worded social media post or another activity. As such, you should always take your lawyer’s advice regarding the best interests for your case. Our Kansas City car accident attorneys have full-knowledge of Missouri personal injury law, and we will put your interests and rights at the forefront of our legal strategy.If you were injured in an accident, don’t hesitate and call our Kansas City law office today at (816) 221-2288 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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