Understanding Catastrophic Injuries in Your KC Injury Claim

If you’ve sustained catastrophic injuries in Missouri, it is understandable if you feel like your life has been turned upside down. First, there is the initial shock of the accident itself—simply being involved in an unexpected event can itself leave you traumatized. Then, there are your physical injuries; broken bones, injured backs, head injuries, burns, and other damages to your body can leave you with more than just pain to deal with. You could be left facing the substantial time out of work, lost wages, thousands of dollars in bills from doctors and physical therapists, or maybe even the loss of your livelihood entirely.

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries in Your KC Injury Claim

If you find yourself in this position, you are not alone. A common way by which Missouri residents find themselves injured is on the road; thousands of people are hurt on our state’s highways each year. Unfortunately, the numbers of injured are on the rise. In fact, the Missouri Highway Patrol reports that 930 people were fatally injured in automobile accidents in Missouri in 2016.You’ve been fortunate enough to survive your accident, but now you have to deal with your injuries. When you explain the physical impacts of your accident to the insurance companies—especially if you’ve been the victim of someone else’s negligence—the story you are bound to hear from them is that it can’t be that bad. In our years as one of Missouri’s top personal injury law firms, we at The Popham Law Firm have heard it before. The insurance company you are dealing with may say that you are injured, but it isn’t a catastrophic injury. If you are facing the loss of a career, difficulty caring for your loved ones, or substantial pain and suffering, your injuries might well seem catastrophic to you. What is a catastrophic injury? Is there a legal definition? How can a Missouri personal injury attorney like the highly experienced lawyers at The Popham Law Firm help you recover both your health and the settlement you deserve?

Catastrophic Injuries in Missouri

Right off of the bat, you should know that there is no legal definition of the term catastrophic injury. What is a catastrophe for one person may not be quite as serious for another. Generally speaking, a catastrophic injury is one that involves an injury that substantially affects you or entails significant medical costs. The costs don’t necessarily have to be medical either; if the job that supports your family depends on your body functioning correctly, like construction, factory work, or health care, an injury that some would consider “merely” serious can negatively impact you for life.Imagine, if you will, trying to work construction with a hand that doesn’t function as well as it used to or trying to stand on your feet all day with a back that has been permanently compromised. Life is a contact sport, and if someone's negligence has harmed your ability to work and enjoy the activities you love, then you need The Popham Law Firm to help you recover the settlement or judgment you are owed. We have a vast amount of experience dealing with catastrophic injuries. The Popham Law Firm has successfully helped our clients recover damages for lacerations, amputations, back and neck injuries, burns, and more.Missouri residents suffer injuries that can be termed as catastrophic every day. When we think of the most serious injuries, it is natural to think of car accidents; driving a car is the most dangerous thing many of us do every day. But, there are other ways to sustain an injury that can forever alter your life. At The Popham Law Firm, we have seen a wide variety of catastrophic injuries: workplace injuries, industrial accidents, drunk or distracted drivers, bicycle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall, and dog bites are just some of the ways people have their futures forever altered by unexpected catastrophic injuries. Missouri residents always think about their rights to compensation when it comes to an automobile or truck accident. The fact is, you may well be owed compensation for a whole host of other types of disasters that can affect your life.

Why You need The Popham Law Firm

Under Missouri law, you generally have five years from the date of the injury to file a claim. This time limit is what is known as the statute of limitations. While some severe injuries can take time to present themselves, it is crucial that you get an outstanding Missouri personal injury attorney involved at an early stage. You can count on the insurance company wanting to settle your case as fast as they can. If they settle with you, they might not be on the hook for the compensation you are owed down the road. That is why you need The Popham Law Firm—we’ll stand between you and the insurance company to make sure that you get the settlement you deserve on your terms and on your timetable. The sooner our firm is involved, the more perishable evidence and information we can collect to support your case.The sad truth is that the system does not make getting justice easy. If your catastrophic injury occurred on the job or was due to someone else’s negligent behavior, you could be entitled to substantial financial compensation and lifelong benefits. Getting that compensation and benefits such as disability or workman’s compensation is a complicated, confusing, and frustrating task for many people. That is why we exist; The Popham Law Firms Missouri personal injury attorneys will make sure that you know all of your options and we will use our aggressive litigation strategy to help secure your future. You may be entitled to be compensated for such expenses as:

  • Hospital, physical therapy, and any other doctor related expenses
  • Prosthetics and therapeutic devices
  • Counseling for coping with your catastrophic injury
  • Wages lost while recovering
  • Future lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other damages

You need to Concentrate on Getting Well

Recovering from a devastating injury caused by someone else’s carelessness is tough. Worries about your future, your finances, and caring for your loved ones just makes the task of healing harder. When you engage the services of The Popham Law Firm, you can rest assured that you have Missouri’s most experienced personal injury lawyers fighting for you. If you’ve been injured, contact us today on our website or give us a call at (844) 243-2288.

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