What Are Common Slip And Fall Injury Facts?

Common slip and fall injury facts are numerous. For example when most people think of a slip and fall injury, they generally associate it with people over the age of 65. It's true that people over 65 can suffer injuries in a slip and fall that a younger person might be able to shrug off. But the fact is a slip and fall injury can injure anyone of any age. In fact, falls are one of the leading causes for emergency room visits and slips and falls are 12% of that total figure. Over one million people per year visit an emergency room after a slip and fall accident.

What are Common Slip and Fall Injury Facts?

The National Floor Safety Institute reports that one of the most serious outcomes of falling is fractures, which occur in 5% of the people who fall. Hip fractures are considerably common, especially for those over 65, and are some of the most serious injuries. Falls are responsible for half of the accidental deaths in the home, usually at ground level.Slip and fall injuries can be preventable with proper care. When someone or a company fails to prevent a fall or slip and fall, their negligence can lead to liability for a person’s injuries.

Negligence And Workplace Falls

Slipping and falling at work is one of the most common reasons for workers' compensation claims and the #1 reason for missed workdays, particularly at construction sites. In fact sadly slip & fall injuries are also the second leading cause of death at work.Even though construction workers are at a higher risk of falls, even someone who sits at a desk can find themselves slipping and falling in their workplace if the owner was negligent in keeping the workplace free of hazards.An employee injured on the job can be expensive for a company. Workers' compensation claims can raise the company’s premiums and require the hiring of temporary or contract workers while the employee is recuperating.Should a customer slip and fall in a place of business due to negligence, that can also mean an unpredictable personal injury lawsuit for the company.Property owners, business owners, and even homeowners have a duty of care to ensure safe conditions on their premises. One practical way workplaces do to ensure safety is to install non-slip commercial floor coatings throughout the facility.

Falls In Older Adults

The CDC reports that one in four adults over the age of 65 report a fall, with 37% reporting injuries. A frequent injury for this population is hip fracture, particularly in women, but remember it can happen at any age. A hip fracture is a painful and difficult injury requiring surgery and can limit mobility even after it heals.Half of the adults over 65 who experience a hip or other bone fracture are unable to return home and live independently. One in three hip fractures or other bone breaks leads to death within one year. Vision problems, specific medications, and other factors can cause or increase the risk of a fall and subsequent bone fractures.The older a person gets, the more they are at risk from a slip and fall, which likely includes an injury. A full 60% of deaths associated with falls occurred with people over the age of 75. Women have an increased risk of fractures due to osteoporosis.Falls are the second-leading cause of death for people 65-84, and the leading cause of death for people over 85. Additionally, falls account for 87% of fractures in people over 65, and are the second leading cause of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

Injuries From A Slip & Fall Accident

Hip fractures of all ages are a common slip and fall injury. Hip fractures are just one of the many injuries you can experience from a slip and fall, especially falling on your side. But slip and fall accidents can lead to a host of injuries, from the just painful and embarrassing to the disabling, such as:

• Bruises• Lacerations• Bone fractures throughout the body including:

o Skullo Limbso Ribso Neck and spineo Joints such as fingers, toes, knees, ankles, and shoulders

• Traumatic brain injury• Soft tissue injuries• Nerve damage, including paralysis• Death

Wherever you experience a slip and fall, it’s important to get medical attention immediately. Pictures of the area at the time of the accident are helpful evidence. Keep records of your emergency room treatment, subsequent follow-up visits, and any other accident-related expenses as additional evidence for your claim.

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