What Should You Do When The Insurance Company Denies Your Claim?

Whether it’s a car accident, something with your home, or another legal matter that involves an insurance claim, denials are more common than you think. No matter what an insurance agent tells you when they sell you a policy, there’s a strong chance you’ll have to battle an insurance company when you file a claim. The harder you try to get them to pay your claim, the more they refuse. That’s when you need to call for help.  

Insurance Company Tactics

Understandably, insurance companies are concerned about fraudulent claims and cases. But that doesn’t mean your claim isn’t legitimate. Claims are frequently denied for administrative reasons, such as not filing by a deadline or making a mistake on the claim. But for five to ten percent of customers, insurers find ways to refuse to pay, including:

• Outright denial for no or an illegitimate reason

• Downplaying injuries to minimize payouts and decrease the payout

• Shifting liability to the accident to you (making you at fault)

• Stalling with the intent of having your give up your claim entirely

• Stalling the claim long enough for the claimant to die

Some companies have also:

• Instructed customers to cease medical treatment (rely on your doctor or medical provider, not an adjuster)  

• Requested a recorded statement and intentionally ask misleading questions

• Drown claimants in excessive paperwork

• Give incorrect information about the law (another reason why you need your own attorney)

• Have adjusters gain your trust so you’ll give damaging information

• Tell you not to get an attorney, that you don’t have the right to an attorney, or that you’ll lose your case if you hire one

These companies know that most people are living paycheck to paycheck. The disruption of that income makes them ready to accept the first and lowest amount of settlement just to get some money quickly. They also know that once they get you to accept that check, it’s the end of the claim, and there’s no way for you to try and get more. Most people don’t realize that they could have had much more if they’d had their own legal counsel.

Do I Need An Attorney?

You have the right to legal counsel, no matter what an adjuster says. An attorney will represent you and your interests, protect your rights, and help you get fair compensation.  

When an insurer acts in bad faith, speak with an insurance dispute attorney immediately. Never have a conversation with any an insurance company without an attorney. Anything you say can and will be taken of context used against you to deny your claim. Adjusters are not sympathetic to your injuries. That’s not their job, no matter how friendly and amenable they are on the phone.  

Insurance companies have legal teams that work to deny claims and reduce payouts.

Kansas City Insurance Dispute Attorneys—Popham Law

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying claims. They have teams of lawyers defending their company’s coffers. You have the right to legal counsel just like they do. We strongly suggest you take advantage of this right and work with an attorney who will represent you and protect your rights when dealing with an insurance company.  

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