What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Kansas City

Kansas City passed its Vision Zero program in 2022, modeled after New York City’s, with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities by 2030. The City of Fountains had 102 fatalities in 2023, and 28% were pedestrians. KC is not pedestrian-friendly, and we’re one of the top cities where you’re likely to have a fatal accident.

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable if they’re struck by a motor vehicle. What you do after the accident is very important.

Are you injured?

A pedestrian will likely sustain injuries in an accident. Much will depend on the type and number of vehicles involved, and speed. You may not realize that you’re injured. The inability to stand up indicates internal injuries. Blood on your face or head indicates a head injury that needs immediate medical care.  

The shock and adrenaline mask injury pain for a while but eventually wears off. Stay still and wait for emergency services regardless of whether you believe you’re injured.

If you can, begin taking pictures and notes to document your injuries, and everything that happened up to the accident. This helps medical personnel when they arrive and when you get to the hospital. Take as many pictures of the accident scene as you can, even if you don’t move from one place.

Call the police

While you’re waiting, document everything about the accident so that you won’t forget to tell the police. Request emergency medical services even if your injuries aren’t obvious.

While waiting for the police, do not discuss the accident with anyone, and do not admit fault. Obtain contact information from the other driver, any passengers, witnesses, other parties, including insurance information. Only state the facts to the police. Your accident attorney will investigate and determine fault.

Get immediate medical attention

Without protection, your injuries are likely to be more severe. After being checked by emergency personnel, visit the closest hospital for a complete examination. Broken bones, internal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries like concussions may not be obvious and will worsen without treatment.

Without post-accident medical treatment, the other party may claim you weren’t injured. Their insurer may claim that your injuries weren’t serious enough for medical treatment, impacting your claim and settlement.

Get legal advice

After your release from the hospital, you’ll handle the accident’s aftermath, including contacting your own insurance company to explain the details.

The other party’s insurance company will probably contact you next. Do not speak to them or give them a recorded statement, sign papers, or discuss the accident. Notify them that you are seeking legal representation, you’ll provide them with that information later, and say nothing more.

Then contact our office for an appointment to review your case and discuss your options. We can handle negotiations with the insurance companies and make sure your case is handled correctly.  

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys In KC

After an accident, your priority should be getting the immediate medical care you need as quickly as possible. Not all injuries are immediately evident and left untreated can become worse and even life-threatening. Once your physical condition is established and treatment begins, your next step is to find a pedestrian accident attorney who will protect your interests and be your advocate.

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