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A back injury can leave you unable to work and in constant pain. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than one million workers suffer back injuries every year, and back injuries account for one out of five workplace injuries. Furthermore, many back injury cases are due to automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, or other industrial or construction site accidents. Sustaining a back injury, no matter how serious, can also be a life-altering experience that results in expensive medical care as well as months, even years, of physical therapy.

If you’ve endured a back injury at work or due to the fault or negligence of another, you shouldn’t have to suffer the financial burden all by yourself. At the Popham Law Firm, our Kansas City personal injury attorneys boast significant resources to give our clients the strongest case possible. We'll diligently investigate all the details related to your injury and aggressively defend your interests in court. Don't let a back injury affect you and your family's financial security. Hire your experienced legal counsel from The Popham Law Firm today.

Types of Back and Spinal Injuries

Our attorneys have worked with thousands of injured individuals throughout Kansas City on their back injury claims. Likewise, we have represented individuals with a wide variety of back and/or spinal injuries, including:

• Strains, sprains, and spasms

• Bulging, herniated, and ruptured vertebral discs

• Slipped discs

• Vertebral fractures

• Spinal cord injury

• Nerve damage

• Whiplash

In a workers' compensation case, these injuries are often due to lifting heavy items and workplace accidents. Regardless of whether the injury was incurred at work or was due to the negligence of another, ongoing treatment for spinal and back injuries generally includes medications, massages, physical therapy, epidural injections, chiropractic care, pain management, and, in severe cases, surgery.

Furthermore, due to the excessive pain and limited movement associated with a back injury, many victims cannot return to work for an extended period, resulting in thousands of lost wages. For severe injuries, the victim may not be able to return to work again and could suffer from lifelong complications.

Damages And Compensation

After an accident, get immediate medical attention for your injuries so you can begin your recovery. Keep all your receipts, test results, medical records, and any other documentation related to your injury.

The next step is to speak with one of our Kansas City personal injury attorneys to discuss your case. These documents will help them to see the severity and extent of your injuries, the expenses involved in your care, and your long-term prognosis. You may be able to recover:

• Medical expenses, current and future expenses

• Lost wages

• Lost future wages

• Property damage (if applicable)

• Pain and suffering

• Other related expenses

How long will you be unable to work? Will you be able to go back to work? What kind of a future will you have? These are factors that will determine your settlement. Our personal injury attorneys will be able to help you get compensation for these expenses and ensure that you can take care of yourself and your family.

Benefits of Working with a Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney

When you work with one of our skilled attorneys specializing in personal injury and workers' compensation law in Missouri, you can bolster both your financial future and recovery while seeking justice for your injuries. Our attorneys’ legal representation provides a robust support system to secure the compensation you deserve.

A specialized attorney can help in the following ways:

• Level the playing field between you and your insurer

• Handle all communications between you and other parties

• Calculate the totality of the damages associated with the injury

• Negotiate a fair settlement to cover these damages

• Advising you to question your doctors about future medical needs

• Pursue legal claims based on your specific interests

• File a lawsuit to hold the negligent party(s) responsible for their actions

You have enough to handle while recuperating. Dealing with insurance companies and lawyers from the other parties adds additional stress.

What if you say something that can cause your claim to be denied—or completed? Your claim is too important to take chances with, so let us help.

When you work with one of Popham Law’s experienced personal injury attorneys, you can concentrate on your recovery while we handle the injury claim. We’ll work to get the maximum compensation available for you.

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When building your case, the personal injury attorneys at Popham Law will consult with top Kansas City experts to prove your injury claim, including physicians, vocational rehabilitation experts, life care planners, and many others. We'll make sure to include all accident-related damages into your claim.

Never let a back injury at work or caused by another person's negligence cause significant pain and suffering, including financial troubles. Seek legal representation for your injuries by contacting The Popham Law Firm today at (816) 221-2288 or toll-free at 1-844-243-2288 for a free consultation.

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