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Hitting your head is, at best, an annoyance. But a head injury can lead to more complex problems, especially a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Head injuries and traumas are some of the most devastating injuries, and even an outwardly minor head injury can have considerable costs involved for treatment. In severe cases, the implications are life changing.

Of course, a person experiencing any type of head trauma needs immediate medical attention, including emergency medical treatment. An extended hospital stay might also be needed, leading to a very expensive recovery, even for a minor head injury.

When reaching out to one of our Kansas City head injury attorneys at Popham Law, they will promptly assess the validity of your head injury case and offer guidance on whether pursuing legal action is advisable.

How Head Injuries Happen

These are any type of injury that involves the skull, the cap, or the brain, stemming from a sharp blow to the head. Most commonly from motor vehicle accidents, they can also be caused by:

• Pedestrian accidents

• Bicycle accidents

• Aviation accidents

• Medical malpractice, including birth accidents

• Product liability (defective products)

• Nursing home abuse/neglect

• Sporting accidents

• Penetrating object (i.e., bullets or other projectiles)

• Physical assault or other violence

• Workplace accidents, including slip and fall, explosions, and other incidents

• Amusement park accidents

A catastrophic head injury can result in death or lifelong disability, leaving the victim uncertain about the next steps to take. If you're a family member of someone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and lacks the capacity to understand their situation or make decisions independently, it's essential for you to step in and assist them in seeking compensation for their suffering. Reach out to a Kansas City brain injury lawyer at Popham Law, and we'll handle the process from there.

The one commonality in all these cases: when the cause is negligence, the victim is entitled to financial damages.

Types of Head Injuries

The most obvious injury is a cut or bruise that bleeds or leaves other evidence. But head injuries and brain injuries are not always evident, and require examination to diagnose and identify, such as:

• Concussion

• Diffuse Axonal Injury

• Edema

• Hematoma

• Hemorrhage

• Mild TBI

• Skull Fracture

• Spinal Cord Injury/Spinal Injury

Any one of these can leave you with permanent brain damage, requiring extensive medical treatment and a considerable period for recuperation. This takes time away from work and other daily activities.

A mild head injury can include symptoms like:

• Headaches

• Nausea

• Minor confusion

• Ringing in ears

• “Spinning” sensations

• Feeling “lightheaded”

A more severe head injury has symptoms such as:

• Seizures

• Vomiting

• Amnesia and/or memory loss

• Mood swings

• Losing consciousness

• Unable to focus eyes and/or abnormal eye movement

• Chronic or worsening headache

• Coordination and balance problems

• Loss of muscle control

• Clear fluid that leaks from nose or ears

Every head injury should be considered serious, even minor. When someone suffers a head injury or brain trauma, they should get immediate medical attention, no matter how severe. An incorrect diagnosis or inadequate recovery time can directly impact their daily activities and quality of life. Once stable, the victim should consult with a personal injury attorney.

Getting Help From A Kansas City Head Injury Attorney

Once you’ve been diagnosed and begin your treatment plan, your next step is to speak with one of Popham Law’s attorneys to begin your claim.

You’ll probably be contacted right after your accident by the other party’s insurance company. It’s important that you do not speak to them about your accident. Refer them immediately to one of our experienced lawyers.

If you talk to them, they will likely offer you a settlement that will not cover all your needed medical care and other expenses. Insurance adjusters are experts in using your statements to deny your claim. They are not trying to help, they’re trying to deny your claim.

When you trust our legal team with your claim, we will handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance companies, and work to get you the settlement you deserve. Your chances of a successful settlement with fair compensation increase when you are represented by one of our attorneys to prove your claim.

We also investigate your accident and determine who is liable for your injuries. Sometimes more than one party is involved, and each will have their own legal team and insurance company, complicating your claim. If a third party is involved, there may be additional opportunities to recover compensation.

Our experienced and compassionate head injury attorneys will work to ensure that you are fairly compensated by the responsible party’s insurance company. Financial compensation can include:

• Medical expenses, current and future

• Lost wages

• Lost earning capacity

• Property damages

• Funeral and burial expenses (for wrongful death claims by survivors)

Other damages can include:

• Pain and suffering

• Loss of consortium (for surviving spouses)

• Emotional distress

Many people recover from a head injury, while others may not. This injury can impact a person’s life for many years in the future and require lifelong medical care, rehabilitation, assistance, and other related expenses. If the person is disabled, they will never return to work and need consistent care for the rest of their lives.

Because we understand the impact of a serious head injury, we are ready to help you or a loved one seek justice and recover damages that you need for your treatment and care, possibly for the rest of your life. We’re ready to help when you need us.

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