What is Covered By Workers Compensation?

When working, you’re not only putting yourself at risk for a paycheck, you’re often bolstering your employer’s or your company’s financial success. As such, in Missouri and across the United States, one of the most fundamental employee rights is workers' compensation. Also known as workers’ comp, this is a type of insurance protection that covers the expenses associated with most (but not all) on-the-job injuries. This system is designed to provide benefits to an injured worker. In fact, even if the worker’s carelessness led to his/her injury, he/she will most likely be able to recover benefits.

Workers' Comp Attorney Kansas City

Nevertheless, there may be specific situations and circumstances that could limit an employee’s ability to recover benefits under a workers’ comp claim. If you were denied workers’ compensation for injuries that you sustained on-the-job, it’s essential to call the Kansas City employment law attorneys at Popham Law today. Our team of dedicated and experienced workers’ comp attorneys can help you through this difficult situation, putting your rights and your interests at the very forefront of our legal strategy.The first step in recovering the benefits owed to you is to call us for a free consultation at (816) 221-2288.

When Coverage Might Be Denied

Generally, work-related injuries that occurred due to intoxication or illegal drug usage are not covered by an employer’s workers’ compensation plan. Following an injury, if the employer finds out that you were on drugs or alcohol, you may be denied coverage and, therefore, you’ll need to cover the expenses under your own private plan or out of your pocket. Workers’ compensation coverage may also be denied under the following circumstances:

  • You inflicted the injuries on yourself
  • Your injuries were caused after you started a fight
  • Your injuries were caused while you were committing a serious crime
  • Your injuries were caused when you were not on the job
  • Your injuries were caused in relation to conduct that violated company policy

Injuries That Occurred Away From the Workplace

It’s important to note that an injury doesn’t have to occur at your workplace for workers’ comp to cover your injuries. An injury will most likely be covered by workers’ comp as long as it’s job-related. For instance, you can be covered if you are traveling on business or doing a work-related errand. A work-related injury occurs when you were doing something on behalf of your employer or otherwise in the course of employment.

What Types of Injuries are Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation

Under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law, employers with more than 5 employees must provide workers’ comp. As such, you should always check with your employer to make sure that you are covered. If so, you may be eligible for compensation for any of the work-related injuries below:

  • Any physical injury, including exposures to dust and toxin as well as hearing loss and repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel.
  • Pre-existing conditions that were aggravated during the course of employment.
  • Injuries caused during breaks, lunch hours, and work-sponsored activities.
  • Injuries that result from mental or physical strain brought on by increased work duties or work-related stress.
  • Diseases contracted by exposure to toxins as a result of normal working conditions.

Workers’ Compensation and Long-Term Problems and Illnesses

It’s essential to note that your injury doesn’t need to be caused by an accident. You can still receive compensation for injuries that were caused by overuse or misuse that occurred over a long period of time. A good example of this is carpal tunnel or chronic back problems, where repetitive stress built up over time and led to the injury. You may also be eligible for compensation that was the result of long-term adverse work conditions, including heart conditions, lung disease, and stress-related digestive issues.

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If you suffered a work-related injury, it’s essential to make sure that you’re covered and eligible for workers’ compensation for your injuries. Workers’ comp can be fundamental in covering your medical and living expenses while you’re injured. And at Popham Law, our passionate employment law attorneys in Kansas City fully understand the breadth of Missouri workers’ comp law, and if you confronted legal issues regarding workers’ comp, you need to call our attorneys as soon as possible for aggressive, compassionate, and professional legal representation. For a free, no-obligation consultation with our attorneys, call us today at (816) 221-2288.

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